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The Big Show Blogs

The Big Show Blogs

  • The Greatest Showman Compound firework

    Compound Firework Cakes

    Unveiling the Magic of Compound Firework Cakes: A Symphony of Explosive Beauty" illuminates the captivating world of fireworks, tracing their evolution from simple bursts to the awe-inspiring compound firework cakes. These cakes, ignited by a single fuse, orchestrate a symphony of colors, explosions, and lights that harmonize in the night sky. Meticulously crafted by fusing individual fireworks, they create a dazzling display, enchanting both eyes and ears. With various sizes offering extended displays, these cakes redefine the concept of a fireworks show, transforming it into a boxed extravaganza that simplifies technicalities while amplifying excitement. These innovative marvels celebrate pyrotechnic advancement, offering a testament to human creativity. Whether at grand events or intimate gatherings, the compound firework cakes from the Big Show Fireworks promise an enthralling experience that unites celebration, wonder, and artistry
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  • Hallmark Fireworks Top 5 Compound Firework Cakes

    Hallmark Fireworks Top 5 Compound Firework Cakes

    Experience the brilliance of fireworks as they paint the night sky with vibrant hues and captivating explosions. Join us at Big Show Fireworks to discover the art behind crafting unforgettable displays that light up celebrations and hearts. From choreography to colours, our blog delves into the secrets of creating mesmerizing spectacles that ignite wonder and leave lasting memories. Embrace the magic of pyrotechnics with us and witness the sky come alive in a symphony of light and sound.
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  • Hints and tips for finding or curating the perfect firework display

    Hints and tips for finding or curating the perfect firework display

    Step into a world of enchantment with our blog, "Fireworks: A Flare of Excitement – Lighting Up the Sky," where the allure of ignited rockets and dazzling displays intertwines with cherished memories. At Big Show Fireworks, we're passionate about the captivating magic fireworks bring to every occasion. From public extravaganzas to intimate gatherings, the sky comes alive with shimmering stars, electrifying crackles, and vibrant hues. Our unwavering devotion to delivering top-tier fireworks insights and products ensures that every celebration, be it a wedding, birthday, or farewell, is infused with an unforgettable spark. Join us in embracing the celestial symphony of colors and lights, creating cherished memories that illuminate the heart.
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  • Silent Fireworks

    Silent Fireworks and Low Noise fireworks?

    Discover the revolutionary world of Silent Fireworks – the ultimate solution for celebration enthusiasts and pet lovers alike! Unleash a dazzling symphony of colors that lights up the night sky while ensuring your furry friends and noise-sensitive neighbors remain calm and anxiety-free. Dive into the science behind these innovative creations as we debunk the myth of "completely silent" fireworks, revealing the ingenious technology that brings their noise levels down to a mere whisper. At the Big Show Fireworks, our curated collection of low noise fireworks, including Fountains, Sparklers, Smoke Flares, and Firework Cakes, will redefine your event experience, captivating all without the disruptive noise. From the exquisite Equinox Firework Cake to the mesmerizing Solstice display, find the perfect low-noise solution for any occasion. Join the movement towards stress-free celebrations, where awe-inspiring visuals harmonize with tranquility, all thanks to Silent Fireworks.
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  • Growing up with Sparklers

    Growing up with Sparklers

    Rediscovering the Enchantment of Sparklers with Big Show Fireworks

    Join us as we delve into the timeless charm of sparklers - those magical handheld wonders that have been lighting up the night for generations. At Big Show Fireworks, we believe the sparkler's allure will never fade. Whether it's a childhood memory or a moment shared with loved ones, sparklers hold a special place in our hearts. Discover the science behind their mesmerizing display and explore the various ways people around the world celebrate with sparklers. Embrace the joy of sparklers and add a touch of brilliance to your celebrations with Big Show Fireworks. Ignite the night with the magical allure of sparklers and create cherished memories that will shine brightly for years to come.

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  • Fireworks Night Slough

    Fireworks Night: A Guide to A Medieval Tradition with Big Show Fireworks

    Join us as we delve into the fascinating history behind the English tradition of Fireworks Night. Discover the foiled Gunpowder Plot and its significance in saving Parliament, an event that still unites the entire country in celebration 416 years later. Explore the rich customs and traditions of this historical holiday, complete with bonfires, Guy Fawkes effigies, and of course, mesmerizing fireworks displays.

    Celebrate Fireworks Night with Big Show Fireworks and experience the magic of the Wicked Witch Fountain, the brilliance of Blue Star Eruption, and an array of other exceptional fireworks. Learn about traditional UK foods, the famous poem 'Remember, Remember the 5th of November', and how the festivities are celebrated in various parts of the world.

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  • Go Crazy Firework

    Go Crazy by Hallmark Fireworks

    Get Ready to Go Crazy with Hallmark Fireworks! 

    Tired of lackluster fireworks? Step into the extraordinary with Go Crazy Firework! 52 shots of gold, silver, green stars, and crackling effects make it a crowd-pleaser. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, and New Year's Eve. Get yours at The Big Show Fireworks online store. Unleash the magic!

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  • Welcome to the Big Show Fireworks - we are now selling fireworks online

    Welcome to the Big Show Fireworks - we are now selling fireworks online

    Get ready to ignite your celebrations with The Big Show Fireworks! We're thrilled to announce the launch of our online store, making it even easier to get your hands on the best selection of high-quality fireworks. But that's not all - our physical locations in Slough and Reading are still open for business, so you can shop in person or online. No matter how you prefer to shop, we've got you covered. Click here to read all about it on our blog and start shopping for your next big event!
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  • The Reading Firework Factory – Firework Safety tips

    Fireworks have a magical way of lighting up the night sky with vibrant colors, creating awe-inspiring displays that captivate our senses. Whether you're attending a public firework show or planning your private display, safety should always be the top priority. At The Reading Firework Factory, in partnership with The Big Show Fireworks, we take firework safety seriously, and we're delighted to share essential tips and guidance to ensure your firework experience is both memorable and secure.

    Before you light up the sky, familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations in Reading. Different areas may have specific restrictions on the types of fireworks allowed, as well as rules regarding timing and locations. If you need advice or information, don't hesitate to reach out to The Reading Firework Factory; we're here to help.



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  • Reading Fireworks Wedding

    Reading Firework Display Wedding Venues

    Prepare to ignite your wedding day with dazzling fireworks and create an unforgettable celebration in Reading! Discover the most enchanting venues that offer the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. Picture exchanging vows under a starlit sky, surrounded by awe-inspiring displays that will leave your guests mesmerized. From picturesque gardens to elegant ballrooms, these venues set the stage for a truly magical experience. Get ready to add an extra touch of sparkle to your special day and create memories that will light up your hearts forever. Let the fireworks begin!
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