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Silent Fireworks and Low Noise Fireworks

Silent Fireworks and Low Noise Fireworks

Silent Fireworks

Silent Fireworks – A pet-friendly, purr-fect solution for celebration with the Big Show Fireworks

Silent fireworks or we should say low noise fireworks can be the perfect solution especially for pet lovers.  Silent fireworks or low noise fireworks are the perfect solution if you love the idea of lighting up the night sky with a dazzling array of colours, whilst keeping the noise to a minimum.  After all it can be the loud noise from fireworks that can make our beloved pets jumpy and filled with anxiety. 

Here at the Big Show Fireworks, we want to provide you with as much information as possible and explain exactly what you can expect from these innovative fireworks.  The wonderful invention of silent fireworks or low noise fireworks have been created to transform your event into a roaring success without the loud noise and the negatives that can be associated with it.


Low Noise fireworks

Silent Fireworks – fact or fiction?

While there's no such thing as completely silent fireworks, there are in fact low noise fireworks.  Low noise fireworks have been created keeping the needs for others in mind who are noise sensitive like our beloved pets and neighbours. Firework manufacturers have designed low noise fireworks to emit softer and a less startling 'bang' compared to the classic loud explosions.

How quiet are silent fireworks or low noise fireworks?

In the U.K., fireworks must not exceed 120 decibels from 15 meters away. Most regular fireworks don't reach this level, but low noise fireworks take it down a notch, registering at around 70 decibels or even less – almost half the impact of the maximum limit!  This can make a huge difference when hosting a firework display to those around us. 

The science behind the silent fireworks or low noise fireworks

Fireworks inherently produce sound due to their design and combustion process. Clever design techniques help reduce the noise without compromising the display's beautiful array of colours. Manufacturers focus on factors like lift charge reduction, softer bursts, and eliminating noisy elements like salutes to create a gentler and more graceful visual experience.

Explore the Big Show Fireworks, ‘low noise fireworks collection’.

At the Big Show Fireworks, we have carefully curated a range of low noise fireworks without compromising on the awe-inspiring display that a standard firework can provide.  The low noise firework collection includes Fountains, Sparklers, Smoke Flares, Smoke Grenades and Firework Cakes. 

Adding a sparkle to your celebrations with low noise fireworks.

Fountain Fireworks

When it comes to fireworks one of the most mesmerising and captivating options is the fountain firework.  The low noise ‘fountain fireworks’ are delightful and can create a stunning display of flowing lights and sparkles without the loud bangs, traditionally associated with other types of fireworks.  Fountain fireworks are perfect for adding a touch of magic to your celebrations.  The Big Show fireworks recommends the use of fountain fireworks for birthday parties, wedding receptions and other special events. 

Low Noise firework Fountains

Fireworks Cakes

Another option for those seeking a low noise firework, that doesn’t compromise on a delightful display of brilliance is the ‘Equinox Low Noise Fanned Firework Cake’.  The exquisite firework cake offers a 49-shot quiet fan, showcase mesmerizing silver with twisting whirling effects.  This firework cake provides truly mesmerising effects, without the overwhelming noise.  The Big Show Fireworks recommends the Equinox Low Noise Fanned Firework Cake for intimate gatherings or for events with noise restrictions.  This trusted firework cake can be the centrepiece of your display allowing you to enjoy a breath-taking experience without disrupting the tranquillity of the surroundings.   Experience the beauty and elegance of the Equinox without the noise of traditional fireworks.

Equinox Hallmark Video


Firework Cakes and Barrages

Solstice low noise firework

The solstice low noise firework is another fabulous choice for those who want spectacular fireworks displays without the loud noise.  The animal-friendly design ensures that your beloved pets and noise sensitive neighbours can enjoy your firework display without the impact of bangs.  Each shot bursts with vibrant colours, painting the night sky with a mesmerising kaleidoscope of effects.  This trusted low noise firework has a considerate design and splendid consistent performance.


Have you considered Catherine Wheels for more silent firework surprises?

The Big Show Fireworks recommends the Super Spinners, Catherine Wheel as this provides a gentle fizzing noise that showcases a brilliant glowing display.

What about Smoke Flares and Smoke Grenades?

Smoke Flares and Smoke Grenades are another fantastic firework choice as they are not only virtually noiseless, can be used during the daytime for their unique and dramatic colourful effect.

Whether you choose the captivating ‘Fountain Fireworks’ the ‘Equinox Low Noise Fanned Firework Cake’ the ‘Solstice’ the Super Spinners Catherine Wheels, or ‘Smoke Flares and Smoke Grenades’ the Big Show Fireworks has you covered. Your fireworks celebrations will be filled with awe-inspiring displays, creating wonderful memories with unforgettable visual experiences, whilst keeping the noise to a minimal. 

Let’s embrace the silent fireworks or low noise fireworks

Silent fireworks or low noise fireworks are a game-changer for those looking for a stress-free enjoyable experience to enjoy by all including noise sensitive guests and our beloved furry friends.  Remember even if the fireworks are not completely silent, the reduced noise levels make a huge difference.  Light up the night sky and celebrate with the Big Show Fireworks delightful selection of low noise firework.  All enquiries are welcome.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Are low noise fireworks, silent?

A: As explained above, whilst not completely silent the low noise fireworks emit significantly softer bangs than regular fireworks 

Q: Can I use low noise fireworks for other occasions besides Bonfire Night and New Year's Eve?

A: Absolutely! Low noise fireworks are perfect for any celebration where you want to enjoy a dazzling display without the loud bangs. They are a great choice for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special gatherings.

Q: How do low noise fireworks work?

A: Low noise fireworks are designed with reduced lift charges, softer bursts, and the elimination of noisy elements like salutes, resulting in gentler and more elegant displays.

Q: What types of fireworks are low noise?

A: Specially designed low noise Fireworks, Firework Fountains, Sparklers, Catherine Wheels, and Smoke Flares and Smoke Grenades are all excellent options for a quieter display.

Q: Where can I purchase low noise fireworks?

A: The Big Show Fireworks offers a fantastic selection of low noise fireworks.  Explore our range and create a spectacular ‘low noise’ firework display!

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