Placeholder Hallmark Fireworks - Top 5 Cakes and Barrages

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Hallmark Fireworks - Top 5 Cakes and Barrages

Hallmark Fireworks - Top 5 Cakes and Barrages

Hallmark Fireworks Top 5

Hallmark Fireworks - Top 5 recommendation from Big Show Fireworks

Fireworks can captivate our hearts and minds, creating wonderful memories and bringing joy to celebrations.  Hallmark Fireworks are an excellent choice when curating and crafting unforgettable firework displays.  Offering a wide range of firework cakes and barrages, Hallmark Fireworks have become synonymous with superb quality and stunning visual spectacles. 

To save you research time the Big Show Fireworks have created and are sharing our extensive firework knowledge in this quick reference blog and are presenting to you the Hallmark Fireworks top 5 firework cakes and barrages, that will elevate any event to an explosive extravaganza.

1 - All Guns Blazing 32 Shot Barrage – Hallmark Fireworks

Buy All Guns Blazing Firework £24.99

When it comes to delivering a showstopping performance, the ‘All Guns Blazing 32 Shot Barrage’ is a must-have firework to include in any firework display.  Despite its short duration, this barrage promises an electrifying experience that leaves spectators in amazement.  A symphony of colours and bursts to light up the night sky showcasing in all its firework glory and brilliance. The ‘All Guns Blazing 32 Shot Barrage’ is perfect for grand firework displays and intimate firework gatherings.  This firework is completely versatile and guarantees an element of thrill and excitement.

All Guns Blazing from Hallmark Fireworks Video


2 – Amazing 4 Firework Barrage Pack – Hallmark Fireworks

Amazing 4 Hallmark Fireworks

The ‘Amazing 4 Firework Barrage Pack’ is a true showcase of Hallmark Fireworks’ expertise.  This fabulous firework pack offers great value and an unforgettable experience.  Containing 4 firework boxes, each with 25 shots, providing magic.  Prepare to be amazed by the loud noises, bright lights and comet tails that create a stunning firework performance.  The Big Show Fireworks believes these fireworks demand respect and encourage you not to be fooled by its 1.4 rating.  The Amazing 4 Firework Barrage Pack will leave your guests mesmerised.

The Amazing Four from Hallmark Fireworks Video


3 – Go Crazy Firework by Hallmark Fireworks

Buy Go Crazy Firework £52.99

The Go Crazy Firework is all about making a big impact for your firework celebration.  This beautiful firework provides 52 shots of gold and silver brocades, green stars, and crackling effect.  Designed to create a stunning fireworks visual spectacular for all your guests to enjoy.  The Big Show Fireworks recommends this firework for Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties and New Years Eve celebrations, in fact we recommend this fabulous firework for all your celebrations.  The Go Crazy firework promises an unforgettable firework experience.

Go Crazy from Hallmark Fireworks Video


4 – Relentless Firework – Hallmark’s 228 Shot Compound Firework Cake

Relentless Hallmark Fireworks

For those who crave, explosive, high-energy fireworks, the Relentless Firework is an absolute must-have to include at your event and displays.  Hallmark have created a 228-shot compound firework cake delivering a non-stop barrage of colours and sparks.  This amazing firework cake will keep your guests entertained with its stunning fanned effect and breath-taking sequences.  The Relentless Firework has a relentless pace, here at the Big Show Fireworks we couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for this firework. 

Relentless from Hallmark Fireworks Video


5 - Rainbow Strobe 19 Shots - Hallmark Fireworks

Rainbow Strobe Firework

Buy Rainbow Strobe - £29.99

The Rainbow Strobe 19 Shots Firework offers an explosion of colours.  19 Rainbow shots are fired straight into the night sky, this barrage lives up to its name, creating a mesmerising display to be enjoyed by all.  Here at the Big Show Fireworks, we believe this is a cheap firework for its offering.  The Rainbow Strobe 19 Shots by Hallmark is the perfect choice for those seeking vibrant colours to light up the sky at an affordable price.  Cheap fireworks can sometimes mean the quality is sacrificed, but not in this case. 

Rainbow Strobe from Hallmark Fireworks Video

Let’s recap on Hallmark Fireworks

Hallmark Fireworks has earned its reputation as a leading pyrotechnics expert and their top 5 fireworks cakes and barrages are a testament to their brilliance.  From the electrifying ‘All Guns Blazing’ to the vibrant ‘Rainbow Strobe’, each firework promises an unforgettable experience for any celebration.  The Big Show Fireworks recommends Hallmark Fireworks for their impressive array of firework cakes and barrages when planning your next firework event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Top 5 Firework Cakes and Barrages - Hallmark Fireworks

Q - Are these fireworks suitable for all types of events?

A – Absolutely yes!  Hallmark Fireworks offers a diverse range of fireworks cake and barrages suitable for various events from grand celebrations to intimate gatherings.  Hallmark Fireworks have suitability for all firework parties.

Q- How can I ensure safety is a priority when using these fireworks?

A - Safety is paramount when using fireworks. Always follow the instructions provided on the packaging and follow local environmental instructions regarding the use of fireworks.  Always maintain a safe distance from the firing area.  Please ensure that there are no flammable materials nearby. It's also crucial to have a responsible adult in charge of the fireworks display.

Q - Are fireworks suitable for children to enjoy watching?

A – Fireworks can be suitable for children to enjoy watching but the noise and complexity of the firework should be considered.  Age range of the child and noise sensitivity for those around us should be identified when making firework choices.

Hallmark Fireworks does offer a range of firework products suitable for all age groups and audiences and we have written a blog about silent fireworks, or should we say low noise fireworks which may be worth a read.

Q – Can I purchase Hallmark fireworks online?

A – Hallmark Fireworks can be purchased online from the Big Show Fireworks and other reputable retailers.  If fireworks are not purchased from us, be sure to purchase from reputable sellers to ensure the quality and safety of the products. Check for customer reviews and feedback before making a purchase.

Q – How long in duration do each Hallmark Firework and fireworks displays last?

A - The duration of each firework display varies depending on the product. Some fireworks may last for 30 seconds, while others can go up to several minutes. Be sure to check the product details or give us a call and can explain in more detail to know the exact duration of the fireworks you plan to use. 0800 0025909

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog on Hallmark Fireworks and we welcome any further questions.  The Big Show Fireworks.

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