Placeholder Smoke Flare - Baby Gender Reveal Parties are on the rise

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Smoke Flare - Baby Gender Reveal Parties are on the rise

Smoke Flare - Baby Gender Reveal Parties are on the rise

Smoke Flare Pink

Here at the Big Show Fireworks, we have seen an increasing demand for Pink and Blue Smoke Flares, but why?

Baby Gender Reveal Parties, that’s why.

Baby Gender Reveal parties using smoke flares are on the rise.  We are seeing this celebration now becoming an expectant parent tradition countrywide.  The parties are a fun event, creating an element of anticipation and surprise for your friends and family to enjoy, whilst revealing the gender of baby before arrival.  The parties are the perfect way to encourage your nearest and dearest to get together whilst making those all-important memories. 

Smoke Flares going viral

Social media is now full of baby gender reveal party content showing how popular this event has become.  Many expectant parents are choosing to document this milestone event, photographing and videoing, wanting to include the surprise on their friends and families faces when the reveal takes places.

The wow factor at the Baby Gender Reveal party is what an expectant parent is looking for. We understand this at the Big Show Fireworks and we can provide amazing firework products, in this case we recommend Smoke Flares, to make your party as fabulous as possible.

Smoke Flares recommendation

Smoke Flares are the number one recommendation when we receive a Baby Gender Reveal party enquiry.  We stock a huge range of varying colours (smoke flares are used at many different events) but for obvious reasons pink and blue are the choice of colour for this celebration.

Why Smoke Flares

Smoke Flares are the obvious choice as they are affordable and effective instantly.  Smoke Flares retail at £7.99 each and can be purchased online or in one of our associated shops, The Reading Firework Factory and The Slough Firework Factory.  We always recommend buying two.  One to practice with prior to the gender reveal party and the other for the main event.  If the event is larger we would recommend purchasing at least 4 smoke flares.

Smoke Flares are to be used in an outside setting.  Once the Smoke Flare ring is pulled, your guests will be instantly wowed with an array of pink or blue mist, showcasing the grand baby gender reveal.  The Smoke Flare is very user friendly when you know how.  We are happy to share our knowledge and wisdom with you.  Feel free to make an enquiry anytime.

How to use Smoke Flares safely

Smoke Flares are a firework product and as with all firework products safety must be key.  As previously mentioned, Smoke Flares are to be utilised in an outdoor setting.  The space must be in a safe setting.  A boundary should be set between your guests and the tab pull firing zone.  It is important to remember that coloured smoke with be exiting instantly once the tab is pulled.  We must re-iterate that space and safe environment are key to ensure this product is used to its full potential, as effectively as possible.

Which way is the wind blowing?

Wind direction or airflow direction is a really important factor when using smoke flares.  The wind should be blowing against you, your guests and of course the expectant mother when letting your smoke flare off.  Whilst utilising this product with the wind against you, the coloured smoke will blow up and away in all its glory.  Your guests will be amazed.

Would you like a Smoke Flare demonstration?

The Big Show Fireworks welcome all firework enquires including smoke flares.  We are always happy to give you a demonstration on how to use the Smoke flares, safely and effectively.  We can do this by showing you some guidance videos online and or we encourage you to pop in to one of our associated shops which are in Slough and Reading.

The Slough Firework Factory – 129 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 3UW

The Reading Firework Factory – 938 Oxford Road, Reading, RG30 6TJ

Call us on 0800 00 25 909

Order smoke flares online

Delivery available across England and Wales from £5.99

The Big Show Fireworks in association with The Reading Firework Factory and The Slough Firework Factory recommends Smoke Flares as the go to firework product for your Baby Gender Reveal Parties.  We have provided some helpful information with hints and tips when using this product.  We are always happy to answer any further questions upon request.

Happy partying.

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