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Growing up with Sparklers

Growing up with Sparklers

Growing up with Sparklers

Has the sparkler lost its sparkle? 

Here at the Big Show Fireworks we don’t think it has or ever will! A beautiful affordable addition to any celebration or event. Whilst the sparkler might not be the main attraction it’s a definite crowd pleaser.

Growing up with Sparklers 

As a child I remember being given a sparkler on bonfire night.  Holding it with anticipation and excitement even before being lit. Once alight waving it round and round making beautiful shapes in the cold air.  A magic wand, thrilling and exciting and wanting another as soon as had finished.  A wonderful memory I won’t forget.  I now share this experience with my own children.  A simple sparkler has created such a wonderful memory which I am now sharing the joy I had as a child with the next generation.

Who’d have thought the Sparkler would still be widely used today?

 The sparkler was invented in the 1850’s, a simple wire coated in gunpowder. There are other reports stating a Greek architect invented the sparkler in 670 AD. Today it has evolved but still based on the original sparkler! France use the trusted Sparkler for Bastille Day and America use the sparkler for 4th July celebrations. Sparklers were also created to ward off evil spirits in some countries.

Sparklers are used daily, weekly and monthly around the world for various independent celebrations. For New Year celebrations the trusted sparkler will always appearance as an addition to the beautiful firework displays around the world.

Do sparklers still have their appeal? 

Sparklers are a very affordable addition to celebrations and events, not just for firework night.  The perfect addition to share and celebrate amongst family and friends. Let’s face it who doesn’t love to wave their magic wand in the air? Available to adults who can decide to share with children, providing they are supervised and of course when used are disposed of correctly.  Is the sparkler underrated? Granted it doesn’t make a beautiful display in the sky like a grand firework display, but it can be a fabulous addition to any event.

Sparklers have grown in popularity and are regularly used at weddings in the evening when welcoming the bride and groom to the dance floor or through a people arch and during cake cutting. The average price sparkler retails at just a few pounds depending on size and brand and creates a wonderful decorative addition to wedding photographs.  The use of sparklers at a wedding can also help your nearest and dearest to feel included. Everyone standing together waving their magic.  Also perfect if you choose to feature a firework display as they will keep everyone entertained before the magic happens.

There are 6 factories that make sparklers, 5 in China and 1 in America, spreading their magic around the world. Sparklers in general produce less smoke than they used to and some are branded indoor.  However for safety reasons anything that burns indoors does come with an element of risk and safety should always come first.  We recommend you always purchase your sparklers from a reputable Firework retailer which the Big Show Fireworks are more than happy to help you with.  We can advise on size and product as after all we are specialists.

A sparkler can burn up to one minute displaying a beautiful shower of sparks in all their glory when lit.  But what’s the science behind them? A sparkler consists of a chemical mixture dipped on to a metal wire, a combination of aluminium, iron, steel, zinc or magnesium dust which create the bright shimmering sparks when heated. The metal flakes heat up until they are incandescent and shine.

In summary the sparkler is a great addition to any party or celebration to enhance the event, providing safety is at the forefront of your mind and supervised.  We recommend a bucket or two of cold water and once the sparkler is used it is left to soak for 48 hours. Sparklers whilst not the main feature of any event they are definite inclusive crowd pleasers, a big thumbs up from us.

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A Unique Trick to Keep Celebrations Safe with a Carrot

 Now, you may be wondering how a carrot can enhance sparkler safety. The answer lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. By inserting the sparkler into a carrot instead of holding it directly, you create a safe and stable base for the sparkler. This trick offers several benefits, including:

Holding sparklers directly can put your hands at risk of accidental burns. With the carrot trick, you have a safe distance between the sparkler and your hand, minimizing the chances of injuries.

By placing the sparkler in a carrot, you create a stable and upright platform. This reduces the risk of the sparkler falling or tilting, preventing potential accidents.

Carrots are excellent heat insulators. By using a carrot as a handle, you provide an added layer of protection against the heat generated by the sparkler, reducing the risk of burns.

For parents concerned about their children's safety, the carrot trick offers an ideal solution. Children can hold the carrot handle comfortably, ensuring a secure grip and reducing the risk of mishandling the sparkler.

While the carrot trick adds an extra layer of safety, it's essential to follow general sparkler safety guidelines. Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind: Always supervise children when they are handling sparklers. Ensure they understand the safety rules and guide them throughout the process. Use sparklers in open areas away from flammable materials, buildings, or vegetation. A clear space ensures that sparks don't come into contact with any potential fire hazards. 

Keep a bucket of water nearby to extinguish sparklers once they burn out. This prevents accidental fires and allows for safe disposal. Hold sparklers at arm's length and away from the body to avoid burns or injuries. Remind children not to wave or run with sparklers and to respect the personal space of others.

While sparklers can create magical moments during celebrations, safety should always be the top priority. By incorporating the unique carrot trick, you can elevate your sparkler experience while minimizing the risk of accidents. Remember to follow general sparkler safety guidelines, supervise children, and ensure a safe environment for everyone involved. With these precautions in place, you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of sparklers without compromising on safety. So, let's celebrate responsibly, ignite the night with sparklers, and make cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

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