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Gender Reveal - The Big Show Fireworks

Gender Reveal - The Big Show Fireworks

Firework Gender Reveal Parties and Baby Showers

Firework Gender Reveal Parties and Baby Showers 

Gender Reveal Parties and Baby Showers have become increasingly popular in England in recent years, and for good reason! These celebrations are a wonderful way for expecting parents to share their excitement with family and friends, and a wonderful way in marking the preparation for the impending arrival of their new little one.

Fireworks anyone?

One trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the use of fireworks and firework products for expectant parents to reveal the gender of their baby. Gender reveal fireworks are a unique and exciting way to share this special moment with loved ones, and they are a great way to add a little extra excitement to the occasion.

Gender reveal fireworks

Gender reveal fireworks typically come in two colors, pink and blue, for expectant parents to choose depending on the gender of the baby. Of course you may need both if you are expecting a twin girl and boy. When the fireworks are set off, they will emit either a pink or blue shower of sparks, surprising and revealing the gender of the baby or babies to everyone present.

One of the great things about using fireworks for a gender reveal is the wow factor a firework can provide.  At the Big Show Fireworks we are not only able to provide the most outstanding professional fireworks, we also offer the help and guidance in not only organising your event but more importantly helping you create a safe and controlled environment for your firework spectacular to take place.

Baby Shower Fireworks

In addition to gender reveals parties, fireworks can also be used to add a little extra excitement to a baby shower. Fireworks are great when used as part of the grand entrance of the expecting parents or as a grand finale to the event.

Firework safety always comes first 

As touched on above when planning a baby shower or gender reveal, it is important to remember safety must come first when using fireworks or firework products.  We encourage you to use a reputable company which of course at the Big Show Fireworks we can guarantee this. Always ensure your firework supplier (if you choose to shop elsewhere) is fully licensed and insured and please follow all safety guidelines that are provided, obviously we hope you shop with us and we also guarantee this too.  

Are firework cakes the answer?

In addition to our traditional fireworks, we at Big Show Fireworks also offer two best-selling gender reveal firework cakes, the "Blue Mojo" and the "Pink Mojo." Both firework cakes contain 25 shots of either blue or pink fireworks, making them perfect for revealing the gender of your baby or babies in a big and exciting way.

The Blue Mojo Gender Reveal firework cake is a stunning blue cake that will emit 25 shots of blue fireworks, perfect for revealing that you are having a baby boy. On the other hand, the Pink Mojo Gender Reveal firework cake will emit 25 shots of beautiful pink fireworks, perfect for revealing that you are having a baby girl.

Firework cakes are for outdoor events, and will create a beautifuldisplay for all your friends and family to enjoy, a moment that is special and unforgettable. You can also combine the firework cakes with other fireworks and firework products to make a choreographed display, or use them as a grand finale for your event.

Fireworks for Baby Showers and Gender Reveals

Here at the Big Show Fireworks we welcome all firework enquires.  Is there a firework or firework product you would like more information on for your baby shower or gender reveal party?  please do not hesitate to get in contact.  We would love to help make your special day even more spectacular and unforgettable.

Have you used our Fireworks for your Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party?

The Big Show Fireworks would love to hear from you.  We welcome your feedback via google reviews.  Do you have any photo’s or video’s of your parties?  Would you like to share them with us?  Tag us on instagram or facebook.  

Thank you for reading, The Big Show Fireworks


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